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Tink’s Parrot Relief hemp oil with cbd


Tink’s Parrot Relief with CBD

(contains 100mg of Extra Strength Cannabinoids
per 30ml bottle)

  • Helps calm hyperactive or noisy birds
  • Supports joint and hip health
  • May assist with destructive behavior like feather plucking
  • Supports healthy immune system and heart health
  • May help reduce inflamation
  • Supports senior bird health
  • May help curb destructive behavior
  • Promotes relaxation

Tink’s Story

Tink was our GCC (Green-cheeked Conure). She was given to us from a friend with a bird store because she had neurological issues and couldn’t control her body well. She wasn’t able to fly and had a hard time walking.

Then she started getting seizures! The first time I saw this I thought she was dying! I’d never seen a parrot have a seizure – ah pluck, I didn’t know parrots could have seizures! Then I learned that it isn’t all that uncommon for certain species of parrot, like Green-cheeked Conures.
The CBD oil greatly helped Tink. Her seizures initially became more frequent and heart-wrenching to watch. When I started giving her a couple drops of CBD regularly, her seizures reduced to 2 or 3 times per month.


For small parrots – 3 drops
Medium parrots (200 – 325 grams) – 5 drops
Large parrots – 7-9 drops

You can either place the drop in your parrot’s mouth or place in on their food/treat.
Use as needed, but I never gave Tink more than 3 drops a day (she was a small bird). Giving the oil every day has a greater benefit because it helps their system stabalize.

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