Buster’s Oil 30,000, 1ounce bottle, 2Pack

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1 review for Buster’s Oil 30,000, 1ounce bottle, 2Pack

  1. mimibkit (verified owner)

    Great product!!

    I own a 5 year old retriever mix who has suffered from general anxiety since puppyhood. This had been inherited, since the anxiety had affected his mother and the rest of the litter also, but he was clearly the worst of the bunch. Vets have tried doggy Prozac, doggy Xanax and anything else they could come up with. Nothing had much effect until Busters’ Hemp Oil. It has been a life saver. Do I visualize him hanging out at the pool with a cool drink, just chillin’ in the breeze? Not yet – but his panic has definitely become more manageable and as each day goes by he is becoming a happier dog. Definitely recommend!!

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