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  Over 5,000 positive pet lover reviews


5 star reviewsLife Changing!

Buster’s has added and much youthfulness, and happiness in my dog! She doesn’t squeal everytime she is picked up, and she can walk about the stairs again. She is a completely new dog!

Erin M. LaDue

New Product

REAL Beef Jerky with CBD


Buster’s Calming CBD

Beef Jerky Chews – 1Pk, 30 Chews

Made with Real Beef!

Convenient and Delicious – Use Buster’s CBD Beef Jerky Chews at home or on the go with your furry friend. This is the easiest way for your dog to consume CBD.

Made from Real Beef – Buster’s one-of-a-kind Real Beef Jerky Chews contain nothing but the best for your dog.

Each Chew contains 5mg of CBD + Glucosamine – Easy to administer and your dog will love them.

  • Heart + Immune Care – to support the strengthening of your dog’s heart and immune system. These chewy treats contain full spectrum CBD oil. This mixture is can be beneficial to the general health and well-being of your pet and may aid pets with skin problems, continuous itching, compromised immune systems, breathing problems, or digestive problems.
  • Joint + Mobility Care – for joint and mobility support, this formula contains Glucosamine to help prevent joint disorder and swelling. May enhance flexibility and increase overall activity and mobility. May reduce inflammation that leads to discomfort.
  • Stress + Anxiety Relief – to inspire a calm and relaxed mood, this blend is gluten-free and dairy-free and contains natural ingredients with pure CBD oil that may help reduce your pet’s overall anxiety.
  • Calming, Delicious Beef Jerky Chews – Made with broad spectrum CBD these chews help your pet relax. CBD helps your dog feel calmer and may reduce their hyperactivity.


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Extra strength cannabinoids (CBD) Chews for dogs – Grain Free! – 1Pk, 30 Chews

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Happy fur babies & feathered friends

 Calmed down a very nervous Chihuahua

We have a very nervous chi and we have tried almost everything to calm her. Amazed to say that this product has helped a great deal!!

Mom To Many

This product is awesome

Our fur baby has cancer and we would do anything to make him comfortable with no pain. This product provides him comfort. He was diagnosed to live about 1 year he has surpassed his diagnoses and is still playful. This product has made his life better for sure. We can't thank you enough.


5 star reviewsWe got our cat back!

WOW!! Our female cat has had bad anxiety from our recent move and secluded herself. She seemed very agitated and did not like to be pet. A week later with one dose a day she is now happy and wanting to be pet! She seems healthier..her anxiety is 100% better...she hangs out with her kids and dad again!!!! She is back to our Zoe!! Initially we were looking for CBD for pets so I was a bit leary about hemp oil...well I was WRONG!! Anxiety is on its way out and her hives are going away, no more nausea! I would reccommend this to any pet owners that own pets going thru this. We have now started to give the other cats doses every other day and they even seem happier. Thank You!!!!

Peter B

5 star reviewsCalm Parrot, No More Plucking

Thank you Buster. Our Macaw, Kami, is calmer, happier and has grown her feathers back. We put a little of Buster's CBD Oil on Kami's pellets. She gobbles them up.


5 star reviewsRight on! Helps joints

We could tell right away that this product made a difference in my buddy’s life. He had a hard time climbing the stairs and you could tell that it was difficult for him to stand up. For a 12 year old dog, this is to be expected. After the first dose he began moving more quickly and appeared to do it effortlessly. . .

Mike Flores

5 star reviewsBest Pet CBD!

This CBD has been the best CBD product I have purchased so far for my dogs. I have a dog with high anxiety during storms and other weather and this completely mellows him out. I also use this product for my chihuahua who is known to have seizures. Since starting this product on my chihuahua he has not had a single seizure. Both my dogs love the flavor and get it with their morning cookies.


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